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We design experiences that create life’s
most treasured memories.

At A Well-Traveled Suitcase...

We believe that  travel is a powerful tool for strengthening bonds.  We believe that a person who travels is more connected to the planet - and the people who live on it.  We are rooted in family and our focus is on creating bespoke adventures all over the world.  

Because all travelers are different, we get to know you and your companions.  We collaborate on itineraries that will help you achieve your travel dreams while focusing on unique opportunities that balance out the needs of everyone on the journey.

We are proud to offer exceptional services far beyond designing your vacation. We find that most people tend to feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning, deciding on a budget, and discovering new and exciting places to adventure.  The world is big and full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences and we want to help you see them all! 

With a lifetime of travel experience and the globe as our inspiration, we design experiences that create life’s most treasured memories.  There is no better legacy than A Well-Traveled Suitcase.


At A Well-Traveled Suitcase, we specialize in bespoke vacations. 

I’ve been traveling with my large family for over twenty years.  First-hand experience and knowledge are what allow me to turn a typical vacation into a truly memorable adventure.




Step 1: Connect

Reach out and we will schedule a complimentary consultation call.  This is when we get to know each other and you tell us all about your travel dream.

Step 2: Commit

Once you have decided to work with A Well-Traveled Suitcase, we will ask you to sign some electronic documents and pay our planning fee.  The amount is based on the level of services required to make your dream trip a reality.

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Step 3: Design

After we have received all of your forms and our fee, we begin designing your perfect vacation.  You’ll be presented with one to three proposals to review.  Once you choose, we will work with you to fine-tune the plan. 

Step 4: Enjoy

While you’re traveling, we are with you every step of the way.  You’ll have the trip at your fingertips with our itinerary app.  It will update you on any flight changes, give you directions to all of your activities and allow you to contact us should you run into any bumps. 

“Traveling in the company of those we love
is home in motion.”


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  Free Guide!  

How to Make the Move to a More Luxurious Way to Travel

We know you love to travel and you’re always looking for new places to explore.  You’ve had great vacations in the past, but you know deep down that there are extraordinary experiences that you have yet to tap into.  There’s often a desire to take travel to the next level, but limited knowledge of exactly how to make it happen.

Here at A Well-Traveled Suitcase, we believe that you and your family deserve those “next-level” vacations.  In this guide, we're going to show you a few tangible examples of how to upgrade your travel.  We have many more and can’t wait to share them with you.  

Click the button below to dive in!


 What Our Clients Are Saying 
Italy and France 2022

We wanted a trip to southern Italy, Paris and the French wine country. Ann did a wonderful job of asking questions and making recommendations based on the places we wanted to see and the timeline we were working with. We found Ann to be professional, courteous, and a great resource. We would recommend Ann for anyone interested in a wonderful trip.

Jud Hannum

South Africa and Zimbabwe 2023

Booking our trip through Ann made the trip so easy and amazing! We set our budget, and she pretty much did all the rest!!! From the moment we got off the airplane in Johannesburg, we were at ease knowing that somebody would meet us at the gate and take us through customs and passport control, get our bags and get us to our hotel! Thank you for zero anxiety about traveling to a distant land.... The trip itself was absolutely amazing, having all the transfers, and air travel preset, the tours pre-arranged, and the little extras that we found were left for us along the way made it a trip we will never forget! The hotels that Ann selected for us were all 5 Star and made us feel very much at home every stop we made. The private tours that she selected were exactly what we wanted to do, and were flexible with our time. Thank you Ann for creating a memory that will last a lifetime!!!

Tim and Maria


River Cruise 2022

We have never traveled internationally before except for trips to Mexico. Ann walked us through the entire process and made everything so easy. We did a European Riverboat cruise that included Christmas markets along the Danube. Pre-cruise and post-cruise excursions plus the riverboat cruise itself were all fantastic. On top of everything, we had to navigate COVID and delayed the trip for 2 YEARS! Ann handled everything for us, sent us relevant articles and information and she made excellent recommendations to make our trip even more enjoyable. It was a great experience working with Ann and we will definitely do it again. The next time we travel, we will be contacting her.


Jim and Sue

Italy 2022

We just took at trip to Italy. This was our second trip we planned with Ann (and when I say "we"... she did all the planning). My husband and I both have full time jobs that keep us very busy with work travel so when we want to take a break, we definitely trust that Ann will set us up with some thing amazing. She makes it so simple to have a few preliminary calls to discuss destinations, dates and budgets and from there she proposes options and itineraries. I really appreciate that it feels like I didn't have to lift a finger to do any planning. And I'll mention that when on the trip it feels that much more special to have things scheduled and planned for you. In other experiences I have felt anxious or stressed because the planning has fallen to me and I don't get to have the same experiences as others. Ann makes sure the trip and all the little details are perfect. I can't rave enough. Any international trip we take in the future will be planned with Ann.

E Kitt

Creating personalized adventures all over the world.  
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