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Traveling with a group that includes babies to grandparents can be challenging.  It’s important to recognize the needs of each age group and find something that will make everyone return home raving about their grand adventure!  It takes careful planning and coordination.  And as a family grows and the gap widens, it becomes even more critical to ensure that the details are covered so everyone has a fabulous experience.

Some of the top choices for family adventures . . .



Cruises are great for families.  They have tons of cabin options so that each person gets exactly what they need.  There are many activities while you are at sea so everyone can have the day they want and still meet up for dinner to catch up and share.  Each port will have enough excursion options to please everyone and if your family prefers to be on their own, private tours are always available.  And the biggest bonus?  Families get to see a lot of new places and only pack and unpack once!



Villa Rentals


Sometimes, families just want to spend time together and relax.  There are villa rentals all over the world where families can gather just to enjoy each other’s company.  If you like beaches, you can get one right on the water.  If you prefer the mountains for hiking or skiing, there’s one for you.  These homes can be “do it yourself” where you purchase your own food and prepare it, or you may opt for one that is fully serviced with a staff including a chef.  We can even arrange for childcare or daily adventures if that’s your style.


Cultural Experiences

If a more in-depth cultural experience is more to your liking, private tours are readily available for family groups. Perhaps you have always dreamed of taking a safari or maybe the pyramids are on your bucket list.  When you have a private tour, you set the pace and we work with your guides to make sure that your holiday is everything you could have imagined…and more! 

Coral Reef


Adventure Tours


If your family is all about the great outdoors and likes the more adventurous options, we can arrange for you to spend your vacation testing your boundaries.  Maybe it’s a diving trip for the family to Honduras.  Perhaps you want to learn to surf.  There are even resorts that offer circus classes for families!  Whatever your brand of adrenaline, there is an option for you and your family to get your hearts racing.

There’s no such thing as a once in a lifetime adventure. 
A lifetime is made up of a series of amazing adventures.

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