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Meet Ann

Founder & Owner

Thanks for visiting!  My name is Ann Nelson and I am the founder and owner of A Well-Traveled Suitcase.  I am, in fact, the owner of several very well-traveled suitcases!

As a child, I lived overseas for many years.  My father was in the Foreign Service and he gave me the gift of wanderlust.  Living abroad is an incredibly mind-opening experience that informs my views to this day.

After college, I married into a family of passionate travelers and they taught me about the gift of family bonding through travel.  Seeing the world with twenty other personalities can be a real test of relationships if you haven’t done all the proper planning.  Our family is spread across the country from California to Connecticut, and our trips have given us a chance to bond in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without them.


When my two children were grown and gone, it was time to reevaluate my own life.  You might be surprised to know that I was too old to be an astronaut or a Canadian Mountie.  So after considering all my options, I decided to focus on what truly brings me joy: family and travel.  Too much of our time is spent collecting items, acquiring “stuff”.  I fundamentally believe that our kids don’t want our china.  The best gift I can give them is a life full of experiences, memories and A Well-Traveled Suitcase.

As an upscale family travel specialist, I want to give you and your family the same opportunities to connect with travel.  Seeing new things, trying different foods, appreciating the beauty of the world – these shared experiences create memories for a lifetime. I can’t wait to help you. 

In case you were wondering:
  • Barcelona, Dublin and Istanbul are my favorite cities, but not necessarily in that order

  • As a child, I lived in Iceland, Germany, Tunisia and Pakistan.  It’s my goal to revisit them all – so far, I have been back to Iceland and Germany.

  • Our family has traveled to over 53 countries together and our group ranges in age from one to 91.  We are currently 24 members strong!

  • My children work in the arts.  I take credit for that because they have been visiting museums their entire lives.

  • I’ve been married for over 30 years.  I think we have lasted this long because he still schleps my way-too-heavy carry-on bag.  I just recently purchased one with wheels.  Am I a great wife or what??

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