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How Difficult is Overseas Travel in a Pandemic?

This seems to be the question on every travel lover’s mind. And the answer boils down to two things. 1. Where do you want to go? 2. Are you vaccinated? If you want to travel to Europe, most countries are accepting US travelers now. But much of Asia, New Zealand and Australia are not open just yet. There have been reports that more countries will be opening by the end of the year, but things change quickly and Covid numbers here and in your preferred destination will dictate when and how things open up.

All politics aside, the second question is the most important.Why?Because many countries aren’t allowing unvaccinated travelers and the rules change for them quickly.From quarantines to multiple tests to outright bans, traveling unvaccinated is limiting.Most people don’t have the time to spend quarantining on arrival OR the extra budget to pay for the extra tests required.There are, of course, a few countries where the unvaccinated are still welcome.Mexico and the Dominican Republic are open to everyone – but you’ll have to be vaccinated to visit Italy or The Netherlands.And if you plan of cruising, you will likely need to prove you’ve had the jab.

In addition to meeting the requirements for your destination country, you’ll also have to test to return to the United States.This rule currently applies to all travelers regardless of vaccination status.

So how hard is it to travel overseas right now?Well, it’s not hard if you are well-informed of the requirements, pay close attention to detail, and are willing to be flexible should things change between booking and departure.You should keep in mind that ignorance of the rules isn’t an excuse for not following them and you could be out a lot of money if you aren’t fully compliant.

Our family has traveled within the US in the last few months, visited Iceland this summer, and plan on a Christmas Markets river cruise from Budapest to Nuremberg in November.We are all vaccinated, and I have spent a great deal of time planning each step. If you don’t have a Travel Advisor in your family, I strongly urge you to hire one to help with travel plans during a pandemic.They are worth their weight in gold for their knowledge, contacts, and attention to detail on not only finding the perfect vacation – but making sure you are prepared for the journey!!

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