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Should I Put Off Travel Until My Kids Are Older?

The easy answer to that questions is – ABSOLUTELY NOT!! There are so many ways to travel and so many destinations that one is sure to be right for your family – no matter the ages. When babies aren’t yet walking, they can be a dream to travel with. Once they are walking, you have to think about how long they can handle restraint.

Some of the things for you to consider when planning travel with very small children:

  1. What kind of sleeper is your baby? If your precious bundle needs a very regular sleep schedule, then sightseeing all day might not be right for them. But a cruise could be perfect. Lots of things to do when you want and a cozy cabin to return to for nap time. And don’t forget, with cruises you only pack and unpack once! It’s much easier when you have all the baby gear to lug with you.

  2. Is your child under two? If so, then air travel is generally free for them. Now might be the perfect time for a few flights. I wouldn’t recommend flying to Europe with a baby in your lap. That may seem fine but try holding your baby for seven hours at home…it’s not easy. If you decide to go for it, make sure you take a carrier of some kind so that your arms get a break. If you opt to purchase a seat for Junior, many international airlines offer half-price seats for small children.

  3. Will you be traveling with someone who can care for the child and give you a break? Sometimes a nanny or family member can be worth their weight in gold if Mom and Dad just need some alone time. If that’s not in the budget, consider a cruise or resort where babysitting is available in your room for a small fee.

  4. How does your baby do in the car?? If they are champion car seat kids, then a road trip might work. These don’t have to be domestic. Iceland and Ireland are fabulous places to rent a car and see the whole country! Just make sure baby won’t sleep all day and then be up all night. I have a cross-country road trip with a 10-month-old burned into my brain to remind me not to recommend that if your little one nods off the minute the engine starts.

  5. Are you looking for a bit of alone time during the day? Many resorts and cruise lines offer kids clubs. Most of the time they are included in the price of your vacation. They will allow you to drop off the little ones while Mom and Dad go and enjoy some quiet pool time or a drink by the adults-only pool!

No matter how old your children are, there’s a vacation that’s perfect for everyone. You don’t need to put off travel just because you have a baby. Reach out when you’re ready and we will help you plan the perfect holiday that ensures that travelers of all ages have a great time!

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